Folim. The minimal agency

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“some kind of a whole beyond its parts” – Aristotle

Use of client side and server side languages through a variety of CMS and IDE platforms.


Knowing how clear and intuitive products develop from testing and usability.

Digital Design

Use of industry standard software to develop and optimize content for both web and print production.


Designing and developing for all users with an understanding of ADA compliance.

Responsive Design

Always designing and developing for a seamless transition between all devices.

Client Support

Providing the best possible client/customer experience.

HTML / CSS / JS / jQuery / APIs / WordPress / IDE / eCommerce / PHP / Bootstrap / Flexbox / Terminal / DNS management / JotForm / MetaLocator / Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / Bootstrap / Flexbox / Mobile / Responsive / Adaptive / Fluid / Figma / XD / Axure RP / Google Analytics / SEO Best Practices / Web Standards / ADA / Phone Support / Email / Instructional / Client Requests / File Management